Can-Pack Romania Profile

Following the increased demand of modern aluminum packaging, Can-Pack SA decided to invest approximately 35 million EUR in the construction of an aluminum beverage can production unit in Bucharest, Romania.

Can-Pack Romania started its activity in June 2005, having as object of activity the production of aluminum beverage cans of 33 cl and 50 cl.

The factory is the only one of this type in the Balkans and the second in Eastern Europe, alongside the similar facility in Poland. With a production capacity of 1.700 cans of 50 cl per minute, and a production capacity of 650 million cans per year, the company disposes of a technologically advanced production line.

Our employees are highly experienced and skilled professionals and the whole team’s effort ensures obtaining of high quality products.

Our activity starts by identifying the client’s needs and expectations, continues with the preparing of the lithography project and ends with the final product and the delivery of the products to our clients.

We offer our clients technical assistance in the process of filling and closing the cans, assistance provided by specialists with extensive experience.

We are committed to continuous operational improvement and have developed a range of technologies to fulfill our clients’ increasing demands and to provide high quality products and services.

We pay extensive attention to the environment protection and this is way we operate our facilities so as to minimize pollution and to conserve energy, water and raw materials.