Development of Can-Pack Group

1989 a company was created in Brzesko, on the basis of Opakomet Metal Can Factory, which was one of the first large private production companies in Poland at that time and produced steel three-piece cans for chemical products and foodstuffs, as well as crown corks for glass bottles.

As a result of many years of modernization and investments, as well as the ownership transformations related to it, the company was finally transformed into a joint-stock company called Pol-Am-Pack S.A., whose sole shareholder is Can-Pack S.A. with the seat in Krakow.

1992 Can-Pack SA was created to start the production of aluminum beverage cans and aluminum easy-open ends.

1993 start-up of the Beverage Can Factory in Brzesko CAN-PACK S.A.

1994 CAN-PACK S.A. Commercial and Marketing Office Ltd. was founded

1995 establishment of the companies: Artigraph S.A. in Cracow, U-PACK Inc. in Yavoriv (Ukraine), CANPACK-POLAMPACK TRANSPORT Ltd. in Brzesko

1996 CAN-PACK Ltd. in Moscow was created

1997 foundation of AMEP PACK S.A. in Tecucci (Romania)

1998 POL-AM-PACK Tool and Die Manufacturing Ltd. was founded

1999 establishment of Arab Can Co Ltd. in U.A.E.

2000 creation of the subsidiary of CAN-PACK S.A. Beverage Can Factory in Bydgoszcz

2001 the subsidiary of CAN-PACK S.A. Production Plant Artigraph in Cracow was created

official opening of the Beverage Can Factory in Bydgoszcz

May, 2001 major investment of the Beverage Can Factory in Bydgoszcz, put into operation

Oct, 2003 the new Beverage Can Factory in Vyshgorod (Ukraine)

Jun, 2005 new Beverage Can Factory was opened in Bucharest (Romania)

acquisition of the Glass Works in Orzesze, acquisition of ECO-SERWIS Ltd. in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

2006 acquisition of the following companies:

  • TIK Slovakia s.r.o. in Kosice, Slovac Republic
  • TIK Modrice AS and KAMOKO s.r.o. in Modrice, Czech Republic
  • CAN-PACK Istanbul Ambalaj t.l.s. in Istanbul, Turkey

2007 acquisition of TAPON France S.A.S. in Saint Marcel, France

Start-up of Beverage Can Factory in Dubai, UAE